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Reggae Showcase featuring Black Puma

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Black Puma

Black Puma is an independent artist hailing from Kingston, Jamaica with a soul full of hip hop, fusion, reggae, dancehall and Reggaeton. Black Puma was born in Kingston, Jamaica. At 16 weeks old, his mother Nathalie Holmes moved them to North America to be close to his grandmother in (Panama) where he was mentored as a child by Reggaeton Legend El General Black. Puma ​is the son of ​legendary​ ​Jamaican​ ​dancehall​ DJ ​Johnny​ ​Ringo. At the age of 9, Black Puma would Return to Jamaica with his family to rediscover his roots and innovate a show called (Sound Car Clash) with Dave Marshall and Ralyback. In 2001, Jamaica meets Washington, Nkrumah Miller became known as Black Puma. Arriving in Seattle as a teen, he became friends with New Jersey's own Mista Ock, New York's Big Rob, Alabama's Tj and Joe-Smooth to help push Mista Ock to receive the 2003 Seattle record of year and release for a Single title “Serious."

Fast forward to 2013, Black Puma would later join forces with guitarist Josh Richins after meeting online and exchanging their love for reggae music to form the band, Irie Lights. The band was expanded with other fellow musicians from the surrounding areas. Irie Lights was able to take the roots of Reggae music and bring it to a modern light without struggle. Irie Lights released singles titled ‘’Go Get It” and “Politician.” With influences driving from his home country, Black Puma lays his vocals on the track with essence and an undeniable rhythm.

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Scheduled performance time: Friday, May 28 - 3:00pm | Channel: On-Demand | Category: Music