Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Drum Life NW ^

Lead Facilitator of Drum Life NW has been providing interactive drumming experiences for over a decade on both coasts. His clients have included Amazon, Nielsen Media Research, The University of South Florida, King County Library System, Green River College and many, many more. Simply put Drum Life NW's philosophy is that the shared experience of… LEARN MORE

John Hayden and Jim Boneau - The Rhythm Tent ^

As a long-time volunteer for the non-profit Seattle World Percussion Society, John programs the NW Folklife Rhythm Tent and the First Thursday Drum in Lake City (virtual since Covid.) John is a Village Music Circles certified trainer of facilitated drum circles, teaches a weekly hand drum class (virtual since Covid) and plays original songs for family… LEARN MORE

Seattle Mandolin Orchestra *

Seattle Mandolin Orchestra is a community-based orchestra playing mandolin-family instruments and guitars.Their instruments include mandolins, mandolas, octave mandolins, mandocellos, and sometimes mandobass. While mandolin orchestras in the U.S. were numerous in the early 20th century, and were revived as a part of the resurgent interest in folk… LEARN MORE

The Québécois Jam ^

The PNW Quebecois group hosts a jam open to all musicians, including those well versed in Quebecois and other French-Canadian tunes, and to the curious. A rotating group of experts in the genre will lead the tunes: Lisa Ornstein, Devon Leger, W.B. Reid, Sande Gillette, Sue Truman, and Eric Schlorff. LEARN MORE

Valse Café Orchestra ^ *

We are a true café orchestra and, like the original café orchestras of 19th Century Vienna, we play what our audiences like to hear (and dance to). So while this orchestra’s “book” includes the grand waltzes from Strauss's day, we’ve also feature gems from more modern worlds that include the Great American Songbook – Cole Porter, Irving Berlin, Fats… LEARN MORE