W O N D E R / W A N D E R - F E S T

Wonder/Wander Festival is an adventure through our region to explore a whole bounty of events, activities, programs, and performances that speak to that intergenerational and intercultural sense of wonder that we all have inside of us!

Visit neighborhoods you’ve never been to. Explore parks, arts organizations, arts & cultural businesses, events, venues, and exhibits you’ve never seen. Wonder/Wander invites you to pique your curiosity, inspire your senses, and engage your own wonder. At the end of the day, NW Folklife is just one part of a giant ecosystem of organizations, schools, communities, and efforts to brighten our world through arts & culture, and we want to explore it with you!

These three cities represent the first of more to come, as we connect with various towns and cities across Washington State and discover the ecosystems within them to bring them to anyone looking to explore. Journey through the various districts, boroughs, and neighborhoods that make up these epicenters of art, culture, and people!

Is there an organization, event, or venue that we're missing?  As our Arts & Cultural landscape changes and particularly with new and emerging organizations, businesses, events, groups, and venues being created, we rely on community input to ensure that we don't leave anyone out.

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