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ASL Lounge presented by Visually Speaking

Visually Speaking is a DeafQueer owned and operated business with a special interest in spreading American Sign Language to the community and the workplace. Since 2002, Visually Speaking has provided Sign Language to local businesses, the community and private one on one lessons. Classes and lessons are taught by Deaf instructors. Visit the Visually… LEARN MORE

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Community Sculpture: Scaling a Dragon with Otter & Penguin Makerspaces

Otter & Penguin Makerspaces,aspires to develop shared spaces and resources in support of the arts, in an environment of inclusivity. We envision a shared-use shop, studio space, and educational environment supplied with professional-grade equipment and unrivaled facilities to build and store projects; mobilized art programs bringing arts to communities… LEARN MORE

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Drag Queen Storytime with Aleksa Manila

Aleksa Manila is Seattle's sweetheart of social activism. As a genderqueer FilipinX immigrant, her passion lies in honoring and uplifting marginalized communities especially BIPOC and gender diverse people. Her early years started with HIV education and intervention targeting young Asian Pacific islander gay men. This commitment blossomed working… LEARN MORE

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Family Concert with Sunshine Music Together

Sunshine Music Together is the eight-time Golden Teddy Award Winner for Best Music Program in Seattle! Accolades aside, the curriculum at Sunshine Music Together is the real gem. Parents are encouraged to sing, dance and act silly right alongside their child. Why? Because children learn to love… LEARN MORE

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Fun Animal Hats with Jose & Nancy Orantes

Jose Orantes is a Guatemalan artist who enjoys sharing about animals and raising awareness of endangered species. Since 1998, Jose began designing Animal Masks for the celebration of Bumbershoot at the Seattle Center. Over the years, the designs have been adapted to animal hats that are representative of their main characteristics. You can… LEARN MORE

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Huaxing Youth Performing Arts Center

Huaxing Youth Performing Arts Center is an affiliate of Huayin Performing Arts Group - a non-profit organization dedicated to the education and development of Chinese traditional and modern performing arts. Not only do we provide multi-dimensional dance training to youth, we are also committed to fostering a learning-oriented cultural environment… LEARN MORE

Dance Performance

Imagination Animation: Stop-Motion with Northwest Film Forum

A nonprofit film and arts center located in Seattle, Northwest Film Forum presents hundreds of films, festivals, community events, multidisciplinary performances, and public discussions each year. A comprehensive visual media organization, the Forum offers educational workshops and artist services for film and media makers at all stages of their… LEARN MORE

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Instrument Petting Zoo with Rhapsody Project

The Rhapsody Project is a community that explores and celebrates music and heritage through an anti-racist lens. Try out different types of instruments with music educators of Rhapsody Project. See how a guitar is made and try some chords yourself!Visit the Rhapsody Project website… LEARN MORE

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Learn Capoeira with International Capoeira Angola Foundation

The International Capoeira Angola Foundation was founded in 1997 by Mestre Jurandir. When he moved back to Seattle, Mestre Silvinho took over leadership of our group in 2004. Our organization is dedicated to the preservation and sharing of this Afro-Brazilian martial art. Capoeira includes movement, music, singing, history, and philosophy through… LEARN MORE

Dance Performance

Learn to Play the Bones with Benjamin Hunter

Benjamin Hunter is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist, composer, community activist, social entrepreneur, and educator. His work explores the intersections of music and art, community, policy, and culture. In 2016, Benjamin’s American Roots Duo with Joe Seamons took first place in the International Blues Competition. In 2018, he composed the… LEARN MORE

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Lion Dance with Master David Leong's Northwest Kung Fu School

Performed by Kung Fu practitioners, traditional Lion Dance in International District is a symbol of good luck, hope, happiness, and celebration. Performed throughout the year for joyous events, the Chinese Lion Dance and Kung Fu in Seattle are most seen during Chinese New Year festivities. People from all over the world watch the lion dance in celebration… LEARN MORE

Dance Performance

Mexican Folklorico with Joyas Mestizas

Joyas Mestizas is a non-profit youth folkloric dance group that preserves the rich cultural heritage and diversity of Mexico. Founded in 1988, Joyas works with youth, teaching traditional dances from across Mexico. It is our mission to preserve a connection to Mexican culture in children in the Pacific Northwest through traditional dance, music,… LEARN MORE

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Mo'olelo Moments with 'Anakē Kalei of Huraiti Mana

Join us for Mo'olelo Moments with 'Anakē Kalei! Kalei was born and raised in Wai'anae, Hawai'i and resides in Des Moines, Washington. 'Anakē Kalei enjoys vibrant storytelling as a means to revitalize children's understanding of her Hawaiian homeland and its deep history. How did Hopoe bravely face her demise? Why did Maui bring light to the world?… LEARN MORE

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Northwest Tap Connection

Northwest Tap Connection is a distinctive urban dance studio specializing in Rhythm Tap. The studio's philosophy is that dance enriches the lives of the students, while developing self-discipline, instilling self-confidence, and encouraging achievement and goal setting.You can learn more about Northwest Tap Connection by visiting their  LEARN MORE

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Singalong with Music Center of the Northwest

Music Center of the Northwest is a non-profit community music school located in North Seattle. We believe in the transformative power of music in the lives of people and our community. Music Together is an internationally recognized early-childhood music program for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and the adults who love… LEARN MORE

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Spice blends, Flower crowns and more with Northwest Share

Northwest Share is a nonprofit dedicated to Arts and Culture and welfare work for the greater Seattle community. You can learn more about Northwest Share by visiting their website.We encourage audience members to donate directly to artists, or organizations of the artist choosing. Please… LEARN MORE

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Stories from the Salish Sea with Paul Chiyokten Wagner

Chiyokten is a Saanich Nation tribal member and founder of Protectors of the Salish Sea. As a traditional storyteller & award winning Native American flutist, he brings us on a wonderful, profound, and humorous journey to the world of mermaids, leprechauns, grandmother cedar trees, and marauding giant ogresses in traditional story, song, and Coast… LEARN MORE

Storytelling/Spoken Word

What Does Peace Look Like to You? with Colors of Peace

What does peace look like to you? Show us, with your artwork. Colors of Peace is a global art initiative giving kids a chance to share their hopes and dreams for a more peaceful and positive world. Young artists create artwork that joins a collection of over 120,000 works from kids in over 125 countries. It also celebrates the United Nations International… LEARN MORE

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