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The Hydrant

The Hydrant = A youth-led platform that provides opportunities to network, showcase, and inspire through arts of all kinds from local to global scale.

The Hydrant is a platform conceived by the Youth Rising Cultural Focus Committee that serves as a creative think tank and platform that amplifies the voices, stories, and impact of emerging leaders in the arts community. Acting as a hub, The Hydrant connects young creators to one another, to mentors, new inspirations, and audiences. It provides, inspiration, opportunities, and resources, and local organizations active on issues most important to young people, their families, and communities the most.

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See highlights from The Hydrant at the 48th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival.

The Hydrant Lounge

The Hydrant Showcase Featuring: Kid Roman, Kay C, Aurelio Valdez, Carter, D.White, Vampzilla, Lotus, and Yasmin Ettobi

“Being a part of The Hydrant is not only a great opportunity for myself as an artist, to work, learn and collaborate with new people from my own city but also the start of what I personally believe people all around the world should be doing through art. The Hydrant is a great platform for youth to express themselves and have a 24/7 outlet, taking away from the troubles that come along with the saturated and unfair system we live in. Hope to see it grow into something to what now seems unfathomable.” - Kid Roman, 19

“Well, before we even came up with a name for what we were, we were just a bunch of kids with different ideas. After a couple of meetings, we became more tight-knit and willing to open up to one another, and began to realize that many of our ideas lined up and that we were all into the arts through some way. Now we're seeing one of our ideas come to life, and I have to say that I, personally, am very excited to see a wacky vision begin to become a reality. I think that being invited to partake in this process is really snazzy. I feel like it's amazing to be apart of a group of like-minded young adults because I continue to get other perspectives. Overall I'm glad that I was able to get together with these kids, and work with them to form what has become The Hydrant.” - Orion, 16