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Capoeira is an African cultural art of resistance from Brasil. As you learn and develop respect for the customs, ancestors, and masters of capoeira, you will discover how what you put into capoeira will help you succeed in maximizing your own full potential.  Capoeira Angola has a diverse history from Bahia and many unique strategies have developed over the past century. We derive our lineage from the area of “Cidade Baixa” of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Our strategies and techniques have been passed down from generation to generation, from master to disciple. Our ancestral lineage can be traced through many great masters: my master, Grande Mestre Nô; his masters, Grande Mestres Zeca do Uruguai, Pirro, Cutica, and Nilton; and Grande Mestre Waldemar da Liberdade.

Town Hall Seattle is proud to partner with Northwest Folklife this winter and spring to curate a series of Saturday Family Concert events! Through music, dance, and visual art, the series showcases the diverse cultures here in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest and offers a special opportunity for young people and families to interact with culture, not just be witness to it.

The season’s theme focuses on Art as Empowerment, exploring how protest music is a form of liberation, emancipation, and validation of identity. The 4-part Winter/Spring series brings awareness to issues that affect everyone at any age, and encourages and enables young people and families to explore their heritage — past, present and future — as a source for individual and collective identity.

All Saturday Family Concerts are FREE for ages 22 and under.

Dec. 2, 2023 Capoeira Angola
Feb. 17, 2024 Lady A Trio
Apr. 20, 2024 Seattle Steel Pan Project

Date: Saturday, December 2, 2023

Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Venue/Location: TOWN HALL

Address: 1119 8th Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Tickets: FREE FOR UNDER 22