Northwest Folkife

Vendor Application

2022 Northwest Folklife Festival Vendor Applications

Each year the Northwest Folklife Festival features over 200 local PNW merchants offering the best in food, crafts, import items and services such as facepainting and caricatures.  Applications typically open in the late Fall and run through the early months of the festival year.  Booth fees range depending on merchant category, and Northwest Folklife uses a flat booth fee plus commission for onsite sales, in an effort to keep booth prices reasonable and only collect commissions if vendors have a successful weekend.  Our team believes that our vendors are as much a part of our festival as the performers, and there is no better way to experience Folklife than to taste a family recipe or bring home a one of a kind piece of art.  

One common question we receive is the difference between our Craft and Uncommon Market categories.  Craft vendors sell items they make themself, while Uncommon Market vendors typically sell handmade items made by someone else.  Many of our Uncommon Market vendors sell imported goods - showcasing handmade wares produced all over the world.  Vendors with questions about which category they should apply to can reach out to  

While 2021-2022 is a strange year as we navigate the re-emergence into in-person events, our vendor applications typically follow the schedule below:

Food Vendor Applications: Open in October, close in December (please note that this year applications are delayed as event details and a new database system is established.  Applications will be available here shortly

Craft Vendor Application: Open in November, close in January

Uncommon Market Vendor Applications: Open in December, close in February

Sidewalk Vendor Applications: Open in January/February, close in March

Questions about the Northwest Folklife Vendor Program?  Please contact