Meet The Artists

Deepali Jamwal

Founder of Live2dance Seattle, Seattle’s authentic Bollywood dance school, Deepali is on a mission to spread happiness and joy via the vivacious and fun Bollywood dance genre. Learn more at Donate through and… LEARN MORE

Wednesday, March 24 - 2:05pm |


Tales of a greedy noodle eater, a clever trickster outwitting the bully village chief, and monkeys in the tree try to reach for the moon… all of these Asian Folk tales come alive on stage through the storytelling magic of Eth-Noh-Tec. Featuring Nancy Wang and Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo, longstanding creators in the Asian American cultural… LEARN MORE

Wednesday, March 24 - 4:00pm |

FCS Kalahi Philippine Folk Dance Company

Presented by Northwest Asian Weekly. The FCS Kalahi Philippine Folk Dance Company is an intergenerational folkdance group of the Filipino Community of Seattle (FCS). The group is composed of mostly children whose parents are of Filipino American roots. The dancers perform cultural folk dances to reflect the way of life of Filipino people… LEARN MORE

Wednesday, March 24 - 2:30pm |

Juliana and PAVA

Juliana & PAVA was founded in 2008 by a Russian folk singer and an ethnomusicologist Juliana Svetlitchnaia with the goal of preserving and promoting Russian folk songs gathered in expeditions to Russian villages where they existed for centuries and were passed down through generations only by oral tradition. The ensemble is on 4Culture Touring Arts… LEARN MORE

Wednesday, March 24 - 2:45pm |

Northwest Tap Connection

Northwest Tap Connection is a distinctive urban dance studio specializing in Rhythm Tap. The studio's philosophy is that dance enriches the lives of the students, while developing self-discipline, instilling self-confidence, and encouraging achievement and goal setting. Learn more at Donate… LEARN MORE

Wednesday, March 24 - 3:15pm |

Pinar Ozhal

Pinar was born in Diyarbakir in the south eastern region of Turkey. She lived in Istanbul for 17 years before following the love of her life all the way to Seattle. A former language teacher, she established a new teaching career in the U.S. in cooking which helped to ease her longing for her home country. She has cooked in Turkish restaurants, held… LEARN MORE

Wednesday, March 24 - 3:30pm |