Welcome to Our Big Neighborhood!

Past Event:
Seattle Children's Festival

This event occurred in the past, on October 16-17, 2021

 The Seattle Children's Festival is the place to explore new arts, learn about our neighbors, and celebrate with music dance stories and more. This year we’ll be exploring what makes the greater Seattle area so special by visiting four unique neighborhoods in the surrounding areas:

Chinatown- International District // Ballard // Rainier Valley // Eastside

Featuring performances, stories, and activities from artists such as Arabish Way, Baile Dior, Orquesta Northwest, MJ Steele, and more!

      Plus interactive live workshops hosted by local artists and culture bearers such as Penguin Productions, Sunshine Music Together, Sumayya Diop, and Families of Color Seattle

      Head to the website below for more information and to revisit the fun at anytime. 

      About Our Big Neighborhood

      Through intergenerational, multicultural exchange, we promote greater social understanding.

      Our Big Neighborhood is a youth and family program that provides opportunities to share and sustain the vitality of folk, ethnic and traditional arts for present and future generations. With virtual events scheduled throughout the year, there’s always an opportunity to have fun and learn something new with family, friends, and all of us who make up Our Big Neighborhood.