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Jam Workshop with The Rhythm Tent ^

A painting of nine individuals depicted in celebratory cultural expression (playing music, dancing, and singing) atop an orange background. Artwork by Robert L. Horton.

John Hayden Jim Boneau - The Rhythm Tent ^

As a long-time volunteer for the non-profit Seattle World Percussion Society, John programs the NW Folklife Rhythm Tent and the First Thursday Drum in Lake City (virtual since Covid.) John is a Village Music Circles certified trainer of facilitated drum circles, teaches a weekly hand drum class (virtual since Covid) and plays original songs for family music classes for ages 2-5. His company Jamtown imports rhythm instruments working directly with low income artisans on 3 continents. Learn more at

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Scheduled performance time: Sunday, May 30 - 1:05pm | Channel: Gathering Room | Category: Workshops