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Turkish Folkdance Workshop with Izumi and Rana

A painting of nine individuals depicted in celebratory cultural expression (playing music, dancing, and singing) atop an orange background. Artwork by Robert L. Horton.

Turkish Folkdance Workshop with Izumi and Rana

Izumi Fairbanks grew up in Turkey and Japan, and began studying traditional folk music after moving to the US. She has traveled to Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and New York to study percussion and string instruments (tupan/davul, doli, kemence, gudulka, panduri, baglama) as well as singing and folk dancing. Rana San is an artist and arts administrator who was raised among folk dancers and has taught and performed traditional Turkish dances throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Please join us at Turkish Showcase next year!

Scheduled performance time: Friday, May 28 - 3:00pm | Channel: On-Demand | Category: Workshops