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Beginning clogging workshop with the Eclectic Cloggers ^

18 people posing for a picture. Holding a quilt with Eclectic Cloggers on it. Dancers are in white shirts and colorful skirts.

Eclectic Cloggers ^

The Eclectic Cloggers is a Seattle dance group that performs a high energy style of traditional Appalachian step dancing to live Old-Time music. This percussive dance form comes from the eastern mountain region of the United States, where it began as a mix of Irish, Scottish and English step dances with African and Native American influences. Since 1982, the Eclectic Cloggers have performed at festivals and community events throughout the Northwest. We enjoy teaching workshops to show people how much fun it can be to combine percussive dancing to Old-Time music.

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Scheduled performance time: Monday, May 31 - 12:15pm | Channel: Gathering Room | Category: Workshops