A/NT Gallery

In this year of transformation, we decided to take a new approach to the visual artwork commissioned for our festival. We hired four artists to work in collaboration, creating poster art and the set of art pieces you see in this gallery. The artists worked in phases, each building the prior artist’s vision. We wanted artwork that expresses the individual creative spirit in communion with others. We hope you love the results as much as we do!

With these images we introduces the individuals behind out collective art: Liz Tran, Terence L. Smith, Megan McDermott, and Rae Akino. Metamorphosis is the process that a caterpillar goes through to become a moth or a butterfly. There is inevitability in that change; there is growth in that change; there is spontaneity in that change; and, there is transformation in that change.

If you’re on the Seattle Center campus, check out the A/NT Gallery, located just west of the Fountain Lawn Stage and see these images up close. Additionally, check out the member artists of the A/NT Gallery who joined this wonderful exhibit with their own interpretations of Metamorphosis!

This exhibition has closed.


Vera Project and Northwest Folklife are thrilled to partner to present Metamorphosis: Emerging Talent art show, on display from May 12-May 30, 2022. Open during Vera Project business hours and all through the Festival, visitors will be able to glimpse a survey of eight emerging visual artists from the Seattle area. Ranging in media from oil pastels and paints, to digital painting, these artists share the metamorphosis they’ve experienced in their own lives and work as artists. Questions of traditional gender roles, heartache, self identity and momentous life changes will be visible on the walls of the gallery. All artists are between the ages of 14-24. Featuring the works of Sheep, Lou Barcott, Muriel Cacawa, Josh Nucci, Dan Pettet, and Aryn Schooley

This exhibition has closed. 

Presented in partnership with the Vera Project.