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Interview with Martin Koenig: Sounds from Bulgaria *

A person wearing a dark t-shirt smiles at the camera. He has short gray hair.

Interview with Martin Koenig *

In the early 1960s ethnographer and Balkan dance specialist Martin Koenig embarked on his first trip to Southeast Europe armed with a letter of introduction from the legendary anthropologist Margaret Mead. On that trip and many subsequent ones over a span of twenty-five years, Koenig traveled to villages throughout the Balkans, researching and documenting traditional music and dance in rural communities on the cusp of change.

His ethnographic photographs and recordings have been widely published and exhibited in periodicals, newspapers, magazines and professional institutions.

The music described in the films are in a 144 page hard-cover book with 2 music CDs published and distributed by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings and Balkan Echoes.

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Scheduled performance time: Sunday, May 30 - 3:30pm | Channel: 50 Years of Folklife | Category: Storytelling and Spoken Word