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Small Pleasures, with Suzanne Girardot, caller

People on stage playing instruments. The person in focus is wearing a teal and black shirt, holding a string instument and a bow.

Small Pleasures with Suzanne Girardot, caller ^ *

Since 1996, Vivian Williams, (longstanding scholar of NW dance music traditions, National Senior Fiddle Champion, AND co-founder of the NW Regional Folklife Festival),on fiddle and Phil Katz (contra dance musician since 1979 w/ musical roots in New Hampshire), on melodeon, have combined the traditional music of the Northwest and New England, in the contra dance band Small Pleasures.

Joining them in recent years are backup musicians Joe Micheals of Seattle on guitar and Shelly Jenkins of Yakima, originally from New England, on piano. Joe is familiar in the NW music scene backing up several bands with his coordinated rhythm and syncopation, as well as calling contra dances as only Joe can. Shelly is the founder of the Yakima contra dance, now in its 38th year, and plays piano backup in several bands, as well as calls.

Catherine Graham of Tacoma, is on fiddle. Catherine started playing for contra dances exactly ten years ago, mentored by Phil & Vivian Williams and Phil Katz. She first played for Folklife at the 40th Anniversary festival as a guest member of Small Pleasures.

Small Pleasures played two sets for the Friday Night Dance on the 50 Years of Folklife Channel:

7:45-8:15 PM

8:20-8:50 PM

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Scheduled performance time: Friday, May 28 - 7:45pm | Channel: 50 Years of Folklife | Category: Participatory Dance