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Cajun Dance with Bayou Envie ^

Three musicians play on an outside stage: guitar on the left, washboard in center, accordion on right

Cajun Dance with Bayou Envie ^ *

Y’all wanna dance? Come hang out with Bayou Envie and get a taste of the Cajun and Zydeco goodness! Led by Danny and David Salonen, the brothers from Vashon team up with Mark Myking (accordion), zydeco veteran Kevin Kilmartin (guitar), and funk/jazz maven Tai Taitano (drums) to form a pocket that lives with one foot in the music’s rich history and the other in its captivating and evolving present. Help us bring Cajun and Zydeco to a new generation in the PNW, and remind old-timers why they fell in love in the first place.

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Scheduled performance time: Sunday, May 30 - 5:20pm | Channel: The Roadhouse: Participatory Dance & Workshops | Category: Participatory Dance