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Totem Star Showcase with Artist Interviews

A photo of eleven youth and one adult mentor posing with big smiles and hand signs in a recording studio. Around two dozen people on stage in front of a screen that says

Totem Star Showcase

Totem Star supports a diverse community of young recording artists learning music and life skills through mentorship and meaningful relationships. Their work in the studio and on the stage fosters growth in collaboration, leadership, and self-identity.

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The following artists are featured in the Totem Star showcase:

Host: Mirabai Kukathas // Totem Star

Instagram: @mirabai.kukathas

Venmo: @mirabai-kukathas 

Mirabai Kukathas is a storyteller. A playwright, spirited conversationalist, and (maybe most importantly) a singer/songwriter, she loves nothing more than telling an absurd story with an honest emotional core. People often tell Mirabai she was born in the wrong millennium (what with her hippie hair and obsession with folk music) but she’d much rather be in this one, thank you very much, where she can vote and marry who she likes and watch WALL-E for the millionth time. But she does pull plenty of musical inspiration from times past, finding ways to blend 60s folk with contemporary pop and everything in between. She was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, although she also grew up in her mother’s native Malaysia. A recent graduate of the central district’s Nova High School, a Totem Star artist/youth board chair, a 2 time winner of the Young Playwrights Project, and a finalist for MoPOP’s SoundOff!, her love for and dedication to Seattle and it’s artistic scene are unparalleled. Mirabai’s art is an act of healing; a confusing celebration of her culture, identity, and life. With lots of love, effort, and community, she works to create her own unique sound to tell her own unique story.

Artist 1: Lily Indigo 2:10

Instagram: @lily.indigo 

Venmo: @sexylils_wow 

Lily Indigo came into the world singing. At the age of ten, she sang on stage with her dad at the Doe Bay Music Festival. Since then she has performed in front of an audience any chance she can get. Lily loves making music because it’s a stress reliever and hopes that her music will connect people together. She is excited to sing her songs to anyone that will listen, as it gives her a chance to combine her two greatest joys in life: music and meeting new people.

Artist 2: DiceVampira 11:13

Instagram: @dicevampira

Dicevampira (she/they) is a singer-songwriter and self taught musician based in Seattle (or should I say Lynnwood, would that be too precise?). She found the inspiration to express herself through music in their Sophomore year of highschool. What encouraged her was the ability to reach and inspire others. When asked to describe their art they would say it's a projection of personal experiences and dreams they've had. They hope their music can create an emotional connection with listeners that they are looking for. When not playing the guitar, you can find her having a random picnic, vibing with her bunny or wondering wherever feels like the vibe.

Artist 3: Grae Violett 17:52

Instagram: @graedreamer

Venmo: @graedreamer

Grae Violett is singer-songwriter who was born in Nashville, TN but spent her formative years in Washington state, specifically the Seattle area. Being from the South, having parents from NYC, and living in the PNW have led to a lot of road trips where she has had many interesting interactions with the people and places around her. One thing she has learned from travelling cross country is that although we are different, the one thing we all have in common is emotion. Everybody feels, and those feelings lead to amazing stories. A music lover, she considers herself a genre-less artist, but 80s synth pop will always have a special place in her heart. She is extremely excited to share her art with all the beautiful souls out there, and hopes that they will enjoy it.

Artist 4: Yung Fuego 32:18

Instagram: @diego_el_fuego

Venmo: @yungfuego

Fuego is a Hip Hop artist based out of Seattle, WA.

Scheduled performance time: Friday, May 28 - 3:00pm | Channel: On-Demand | Category: Music