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Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira

Two people smile while playing their string instruments. They are surrounded by plants.

Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira

From Canada and the US, Jocelyn Pettit & Ellen Gira are a dynamic fiddle & cello duo. First meeting in Scotland, they joined their musical forces, and have since been gracing stages and captivating audiences in both North America and the UK.

Fusing together traditional and contemporary influences, they create powerfully uplifting and soulful music. Their instruments weave a rhythmically driving and textured sound, with nuanced fiddle-cello interplay through delicate and fortissimo arrangements. They bring life and fire into their own original melodies, and high-energy tunes from Scotland, Ireland, North America, and Scandinavia - with Canadian stepdancing.

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Scheduled performance time: Saturday, May 29 - 8:10pm | Channel: Folklife Premieres | Category: Music