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Bong Lang Ruam Jai

A collage of people dancing and playing music wearing Southeast Asian dress.

Bong Lang Ruam Jai

Bong Lang Ruam Jai Band (วงโปงลางร่วมใจ) is made up of community members in the Pacific Northwest who have a passion for Southeast Asian Music. Bong Lang Ruam Jai was founded after the Thai temple in Auburn Washington brought traditional Thai Language, Dance, and Music instructors to the United States for a summer school program. The band is named after the standing xylophone called a bonglang or ponglang that is used in the Isaan (Northeast) region of Thailand. Other regional instruments the band features include a pin (a three stringed instrument similar to a guitar), the long drums, the khaen (a multi-chambered bamboo instrument) and various percussion instruments. The group ranges in size from 2 to 10+ members depending on the season and size of the show. They play a mix of energetic village party, dance, and folk music.

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Scheduled performance time: Saturday, May 29 - 5:25pm | Channel: Folklife Premieres | Category: Music