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Family Fun: Create and Explore

Welcome to Family Fun: Create & Explore channel, featuring videos, photos, and downloadable content to promote interactive learning for the whole family! 


Start the summer by playing Bầu cua cá cọp, which translates to gourd-crab-shrimp-fish. Instead of dots on the dice, there is an image of a crab, a tiger, a fish, a shrimp and a dried gourd that is used as a traditional drinking vessel. Print out the dice and game board and find out who is going to have the luckiest summer! Thank you to the Wing Luke Museum for sharing this fun game with all of us!


Interview your heroes! Learn all about interviewing and collecting stories in your own life. Interview your friends and family and discover your own legacy! Then it’s up to you to decide what to do with what you’ve learned. Get inspired to write a poem, draw a picture, or find another creative way to share your story based on your interview questions.


Join Mika and Aki of Oishii Cooking as they teach you how to make daifuku mochi in your microwave! If you don't have mochiko (sweet rice flour) or anko (red bean paste) at home, make a quick run to your local Asian grocer.


Break out your scissors and glue! You'll need a few household items (and a brass fastener) to put together a clock that will teach you to count to 12 in another language. The numbers are written out in Arabic, but are also transliterated into English so you can read along! Watch the video from last year for more instructions.

Follow along with Ann as she teaches you how to pound flowers into beautiful prints! Collect some flowers and leaves from your yard and discover all the possibilities! All you need for this activity is a flat board, masking tape, paper, and a hammer. And flowers of course! 

Go get some more flowers because we're making Flower Mandalas next! Thank you to Northwest Share for sharing their Spring Festival with us! Explore their full festival here. Gather your friends and family (safely!) to celebrate spring with stunning floral arrangements!

Video credits:

Latha Sambamurti, Producer and Director
Northwest Share
Washington StateParks Folk and Traditional Arts Program
Makeala Kroin, Folk & Traditional Arts Program Coordinator.
Artist : Annie Penta & Friends