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Morris Showcase Featuring Vancouver Morris Men, North by Northwest, Renegade Rose Morris, Side of the Tide, Bridgetown Morris, Mossyback Morris Men, Belladonna, and Sound and Fury Morris

A painting of nine individuals depicted in celebratory cultural expression (playing music, dancing, and singing) atop an orange background. Artwork by Robert L. Horton.

Sound and Fury Morris

Sound & Fury Morris & Sword have been dancing around Seattle and the rest of the west coast of North America since the waning days of last century (1999 to be specific). These are dance traditions dating back, well, a long time, from various regions of England. Sound & Fury is proud to bring them to you, residents of the Pacific Northwest!

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Scheduled performance time: Saturday, May 29 - 6:40pm | Channel: Folklife Premieres | Category: Performance Dance