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SCARF Showcase Featuring Diya, SCARF Core Dance Company, Chinmayi Bhavanishankar, and Anisha Gururaj

5 people posing for a photo in front of a red wall. The four in the back are wearing black and red outfits, while the one in front is wearing black and yellow.

SCARF Core Dance Company

SCARF Core Dance Company is a group of young dancers who are really inspired by the vision of SCARF and by prior choreographic works by the Dr. Joyce Paul Siamak, the founder of SCARF. They hope to learn the art of using classical Bharatanatyam to create awareness about the struggles of first generation Indian Americans as well as other immigrant children.

Today the SCARF Core Dancers will be presenting Bindis and Braids - a choreographic presentation on the challenges faced by 2nd generation Indian Americans.

Bindis and Braids is an output of deep discussions with choreographer Dr. Joyce Paul Siamak during regular dance classes about growing up "brown" in the US. Disciple Astha Soni wrote the poem inspired by these talks and Disciple Vennela Kadavakollu took her first leap into experimenting with creating music. This work is a representation of the struggles faced by 2nd generation Indian Americans immigrants who walk the narrow tightrope between the two cultures. It is a hopeful piece about what could change to create a smoother “growing up” for children of first generation immigrants in the US across nationalities.

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Scheduled performance time: Sunday, May 30 - 6:50pm | Channel: Folklife Premieres | Category: Performance Dance