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Ivy's Nrityamanjari

A painting of nine individuals depicted in celebratory cultural expression (playing music, dancing, and singing) atop an orange background. Artwork by Robert L. Horton.

Ivy's Nrityamanjari

Ivy, a talented exponent of the classical dance forms of Bharata Natyam & Rabindranritya, has carved a special niche for herself with her innovative efforts to expand the scope of these art forms beyond the boundaries.

Ivy is a founder & Artistic director of “Ivy’s Nrityamanjari” dance academy where she provides an enjoyable yet disciplined environment that encourages aspirants to attain the grace, purity, tenderness, expression and sculpturesque poses that the ancient art form is known for.

Her creative presentations include imaginative and innovative dance productions. She also pursued her BHASKAR in BharatAnatyam & advance diploma in Rabindranritya. Ivy and her students have performed in various stages of greater Seattle area and received love and appreciation from many. The unique costumes for Rabindranritya & Creative dance programmes are designed by her.

Ivy’s inspiring message for Dance lover “If you have passion & love for dancing then age is just a number.”

See more of Ivy Dey on her YouTube

Scheduled performance time: Friday, May 28 - 3:00pm | Channel: On-Demand | Category: Performance Dance