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Middle Eastern Folkloric Dance Showcase Featuring Bella Jovan

A painting of nine individuals depicted in celebratory cultural expression (playing music, dancing, and singing) atop an orange background. Artwork by Robert L. Horton.

Bella Jovan

Bella Jovan is a professional international award winning dance artist, choreographer, and producer renowned for her energetic, enticing, and vibrant style. Bella is extremely passionate about modern Egyptian and American style belly dance. Bella is known for her dynamic style of belly dance which has mesmerized audiences through her teachings and performances all over the world, such as Egypt, China, Turkey, India, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Arizona, California, Costa Rica, Florida, and more! Bella Jovan's exciting dance appearance in the movie "Achari America Yatra" was a memorable one, as well as all the fun dance music videos she has been in!
Bella is also a UW graduate in Sociology and Society and Justice, Founder and Business Owner of Healing Dance LLC, a licensed esthetician, and certified reiki master.

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Scheduled performance time: Friday, May 28 - 3:00pm | Channel: On-Demand | Category: Performance Dance