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Blake Holdswater Shelafoe *

Blake Holdswater Shelafoe is the Duwamish Cultural Ambassador, Drummer, Singer, and Dancer: kʷədəd qʷuʔ  Visit the Duwamish Tribe's website here. LEARN MORE

Cecile Hansen *

Cecile Hansen is a descendant within the family of Chief Si 'ahl ("Chief Seattle") and has served as the elected chair of her people since 1975. During those decades the Duwamish (or in the Salish language of Lushootseed: the Dkhw'Duw'Absh) have made much progress in the ongoing efforts to nurture their arts, language, and culture. But Hansen's original… LEARN MORE

Circle of Indigenous People Celebration, Part 1 *


Circle of Indigenous People Celebration, Part 2 *


G'ana'K'w & Haan dei I Jin Family *

G'ana'K'w & Haan dei I Jin Family's purpose is to preserve, promote, and provide healthy traditional activities by reconnecting and strengthening a sense of belonging as Native people. With a focus on preserving Native Traditions with our youth through our elders. We provide educational, cultural and social outlets that reconnect indigenous people… LEARN MORE

Paul Che oke' ten Wagner *

Paul "Che oke ten" Wagner is an internationally performing presenter of traditional songs and stories of his Coast Salish tribal ancestors. Che oke ten is a member of the Wsaanich (Saanich) Tribe of southern Vancouver Island, British Columbia. An award-winning Native American flutist, his songs have come to him with visions of healing and prayer… LEARN MORE

Peter Ali *

Peter Ali has inspired and comforted many through his music since first hearing the call of a Native American style flute at a low point in his own life. He then found his way towards healing through teaching himself to play. Peter comes from a unique blending of cultures. His mother is from Sonora Mexico and is of Mayan, Pima Indian and southern… LEARN MORE

Randall Kimball *

Randall Kimball is a singer/songwriter who plays acoustic guitar, harmonica, and slide. He is from Haida Gwaii and currently resides in the Pacific Northwest.  Learn more by visiting the website here. LEARN MORE

Ryan Yellowjohn & Family *

Ryan Yellowjohn (Shoshone Bannock/Quechan) is a traditional hoop dancer. LEARN MORE

Unkítawa *

Unkítawa (uhn-kéy-tawa) is the Lakota word that embodies the concept that what belongs to each of us individually, equally belongs to all living things. Unkítawa is a group of dedicated, results-oriented people who have come together to support the efforts that protect… LEARN MORE

X̲aat’áay ‘Wáadłuwaan G̲aagáay *

X̲aat’áay ‘Wáadłuwaan G̲aagáay is an Alaskan Native dance group based in the Greater Seattle area. Our group was founded by Vicki Soboleff, Karen Lauth Elliott, and Hlt'anuu Nathan. The name translates to “all nations” in Haida language. We were established in 2018 as a continuing sibling group to Ldak'at Naax Sati Yatx’i which translates to “all… LEARN MORE