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Black Puma

Black Puma is an independent artist hailing from Kingston, Jamaica with a soul full of hip hop, fusion, reggae, dancehall and Reggaeton. Black Puma was born in Kingston, Jamaica. At 16 weeks old, his mother Nathalie Holmes moved them to North America to be close to his grandmother in (Panama) where he was mentored as a child by Reggaeton Legend El… LEARN MORE

Clinton Fearon *

Jamaican reggae master Clinton Fearon is a prolific song maker, singer and multi instrumentalist. His professional career started in 1969 with The Gladiators, before he founded his own band in Seattle in the mid 90s. Today at almost 70, Clinton Fearon stays very productive. Last year he released “History Say” and toured in Europe, Africa, Brazil… LEARN MORE

Mista Chatman

Mista Chatman is a Seattle based Reggae fusion artist known world over for blending his Raggamuffin lyrical flow over various forms of music such as Hip Hop, Dub, Jungle, House and Dancehall on recordings and live. He is also know for performing live in places like New York, Canada & London with his self produced ChatAttak Productions beats and soundsystem… LEARN MORE

Selassie I Soldier

Jah blessing and love and happiness. LEARN MORE