Yummy Eats & Treats

Bring you appetite! There's something for everyone at the Folklife Food Market - from festival favorites to healthy plates. 

Biringer Farm - Biringer Farm is a third generation family owned berry farm growing the Northwest's premier strawberries since 1948.
For over 30 years our strawberry shortcake has been a Festival tradition at Folklife.

Blinchiki - We make our crepes using grandma's old recipes, that are passed on from one generation to another, which makes our crepes special and unforgettable. We also use the local fresh organic products and the highest quality ingredients, including USDA, to make delicious crepes.

Bumpus Burgers - Fresh made burgers, fresh cut curly fries, hand dipped corn dogs

CaribBean Cuisine - We make handmade Belizean food all from natural ingredients and offer gluten free vegetarian options. 

Deano's Grill - Native American and Seattle Local Owned Grill Featuring New and Innovative Foods.

Dumpling Tzar - We have a variety of savory and sweet dumplings, served boiled or fried. Gluten Free and vegan available as well.

Gyros! Gyros! - Family Owned and Operated serving up delicious gyros to Seattle festivals and fairs since 1987!

Curry House - We serve a sweet, spicy, and savory variety of delicious Hawaiian style food. With our most popular Hawaiian Fried Noodles with Teriyaki Chicken to Hawaiian Burgers, we will keep your mouth satisfied

Kaleenka Piroshky - Seattle's original piroshky since 1974! We have been serving Washington state for nearly 50 years and look forward to many more.

Kenyan Kitchen - East African Cuisine. Come have a tantalizing taste of Beef or Vegetable Sambusa followed by a refreshing jolt of Matunda juice.

Lajitana Greek Cuisine - Greek cuisine offering gyros, salads, calamari, falafel, garlic fries, and refreshing lemonades. 

Monster Dogs - Monster Dogs is a hotdog stand company in Seattle that serves Seattle's favorite late night eats. They are known for their Seattle-style Dog, which is one of their delicious hotdogs slathered with cream cheese and topped with grilled onions.

Omodo Teahouse - Vietnamese cuisine and seafood. Offering fruit teas and boba milk teas as well.

PB Goodness - The famous deep fried PB&J! 

Philly Cheesesteak - Offering beef and chicken Philly cheesesteaks 

Ray's Food - Serving Seattle for over 20 years, Best Elephant Ears in town!

Shishkaberry's - The local, original, multi award winning chocolate dipped fruit on a stick.

Simply Thai - Exotic Thai Cuisine highlighting in-house smoked salmon from the PNW. 

Langostino Sushi Burrito - Asian Seafood (Sushi Burrito) and Tornado Potato (Spiral Cut Potato on a Skewer in a gluten-free batter, fried with verities of flavors to choose from.

Truly Med - Mexican Seafood with a NW Twist. Serving the best original elephant ears at Seattle Center since 1997.

Zieglers Bratwurst Haus - Authentic German Sausage, fresh cut curly fries, & hand dipped corn dogs.

The Folklife Marketplace

Come explore the eclectic Marketplace and find that treasured piece straight form the artists' hands.

The Handmade Craft Market

Visit the Handmade Craft Market located along the covered walkway by the International Fountain and at the Kobe Bell on the north side of the Seattle Center.

3sevens Pottery - Ceramic sculptures that straddle the fence of Scary and Cute.

Apple Cox Design - Apple Cox is internationally known artist and illustrator who makes use of traditional and contemporary media to produce unique works of art described as fearlessly authentic, whimsical and sophisticated. Her artwork appears worldwide as well as locally at leading Northwest craft fairs.

Batch Life - I’m a local artist, born and raised in Seattle. I make funny buttons, shirts, stickers and jewelry. My earrings and jewelry are made from small toys, bubble wands and everything in between. I love to tie dye the shirts I design and my booth is very bright and colorful. Original statement pieces made for the everyday unicorn and meant to cause a scene!

Blissful Wunders Chocolates - Hand rolled individually chocolate truffles . Many varieties. Dairy and non dairy ( vegan) . We source as much local ingredients and the majority of our ingredients are organic.

Dee's Fine Art - Colorful art & home decor for Aurora lovers

Fat Dragonfly Collection - Mixed media wall art, home-goods & gift items by Pacific Northwest, plant-based artist, Shanni Welsh.

Galaxy Wear - Galaxy Wear Apparel & Accessories is unique like you. To prove it, we design hats, tees, totes, and denim jackets inspired by scenes of the cosmos. The result is something vivid that cannot be replicated and style that will not be ignored. We hand paint every aspect of our line. So when you put on a piece of Galaxy Wear, you embrace an individuality that can be used as the focal point or accent in your look. Either way you'll find original looks good on you.

Hmong Needlecrafts - Toys, Tapestries, & Clothing.

Imagination In Design -  Handmade jewelry & wire mesh sculptures

Keene’s Jewelry - Handcrafted Silver and Gold Jewelry by Robert Keene

LiviJoyHoops - LiviJoyHoops is a local hula hoop crafter based out of Marysville, WA. Livi builds and decorates each hoop by hand, with attention to durability and precision. These hoops are made for a variety of ages and skill levels, and hoops are available for multiple uses, such as activities for kids, fitness for adults, circus, gymnastics, flow arts or fire performances!

P.J. Niche - Handwoven Wool Blankets woven with 100% merino wool. Pre-shrunk and washable and very reasonably priced.

Shipwreck Apiaries - We are a Seattle honeybee company that has been operating in the Pacific Northwest since 2009. We offer amazing raw/local honey and other products from the hive. We also operate under Fading Frontier Trading Company which is an extension of our honeybee company and reflects our lifestyle and home essentials brand where we focus all products around our honeybees and the bounty they offer us. From our elegant beeswax candles to handmade soaps to gorgeous varieties of wooden wares.

Soap Sweetie - Handmade Bath Soaps & Bath Bombs that Look like Bakery sweets: Cupcakes, Macarons, Cake Slices, Donuts, & more!

Unusual Cards - Unusual Cards creates greeting cards, magnets, prints, T-shirts, Votive Candles, postcards and books based on the original, hand-cut collage art of Francesca Berrini.

VULGAR DREAMER -  VULGAR DREAMER jewelry is created in small batches using old-world craft to connect you to rare ancient symbols. VULGAR DREAMER is Black and female. It is Black woman created, Black woman owned, and Black woman operated. Committed to sustainable development, VULGAR DREAMER is a small business based in the emerald city of Seattle.

Aleksandra Apocalisse Art - Detailed and whimsical paintings, illustrations, prints, and stickers that are deeply inspired by nature and our connection to the world around us.

Art By Dakota Dean - Art By Dakota Dean hosts a vibrant collection of fine artworks, prints, and derivative merchandise, All of which are hand crafted by the artist himself! Dakota Dean creates hand-cut, multilayered stencils based on his original illustrations. Using iconic cultural personalities and clever images which challenge societal norms with trademark “Dakota Dean” sarcasm. His art questions our addictions: to pop-culture, pharmaceuticals, love, and money; challenges our desires to conform, and encourages us to celebrate our unique individualism.

Be Good Monster - Be Good Monster is the name of the fun and whimsical illustrations and designs created by me, Matt Wayne. I've been drawing monsters and the like my whole life and about ten years ago I started making a living at it. I make everything by hand! I screen printing the tee's, cut and coat the shrink film and even print and fold each earring card! What started off as a hobby has turned into a full time job. As I like to say, it's the most fun I've ever had trying to make a living!

Chrysalis - Romantic and unique wire and gem jewelry and ombre dyed silk scarves with lace.

Dreampillows - Pillows for Sleep, Relaxation, Yoga and Meditation. Made from Hemp, organic cotton and pure silk. Ergonomically designed and adjustable to work with various body types and anatomies.

Fin & Feather Design - Using the natural beauty of wood to create jewelry such as earrings and pendants, to home decor, you'll be sure to find the perfect gift for someone (or yourself!)

Hatterdashery - Handcrafted headwearables sewn in many unique, original and classic styles/designs. Folkhats created using many fine natural woven fabrics; wools, cottons, linens, hemps, velvets, and more.

Honest Biscuits - We sell honest-to-goodness, kick-ass biscuits in a variety of flavors, including gluten free and vegan varieties.

Kenlee Jerky - Pre-packaged beef jerky, beef sticks, game jerky, and salmon jerky.

Loathed in the USA - Loathed in the USA is a 100% handmade leather goods company dealing beautifully, thoughtfully, hand-crafted pieces and essentials - made to order as well in small batches. Made to use, made to last. Native owned and operated.

Magic Magpie Henna Studio -  Natural brown henna artfully applied to the body by Pacific Northwest professional henna artists!

Pike Street Nuts -  Roasted and Candied Bavarian-style nuts

Sarah B Collection - Local artist Sarah Burrington uses a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, wood burning, resin, and organic plant materials. The inspiration for each piece stems from a love of the natural world. Through working in ecological research and spending most free time outside, wilderness plays a large part in her life. Sarah and her dog love to spend time in nature whether it’s swimming and hiking in the summer or snowboarding in the winter. She aims to depict a love for wild places throughout Washington and the Earth in each piece.

Shoalwater Pottery - Pottery - Everyday Usable Artifacts

Treksalot - Whimsical art prints, postcards, stickers, magnets, t-shirts and other home goods inspired by worldly travels

Ayni Jewelry Art - Ayni Jewelry is inspired by a blend of unique artists visions with ancient cultures. Each piece of art is free-handedly sculptured and soldered using sterling silver. Stones are hand selected and carefully considered in each piece. Ayni Jewelry was an art gallery and studio in the small Andean town of Pisaq, Peru where artist Calin Garcia created his masterpieces and sold them to adorning clients around the world until September of 2019. Calin now resides in Seattle, WA.

Bella Lulli - Unique Mexican style Jewelry.
Mostly exclusive designs in Hand painted Copper, patinated copper and red copper.

Dave Ryan Pop Art - Humorous pop art painted and laser-engraved on wood and repurposed items.

Dryad Woodworks - Fine Woodworking; Boards, Boxes and Bangles constructed from Exotic Hardwoods!

Fisher Woodworking -  Hardwood kitchen utensils and other items made from exotic and domestic hardwoods

Headwraps by Kim -  Hand crafted headwraps, smudge kits, and essential oils.

Hellner Arts - Multimedia art including 3-dimensional drawings set in handmade shadow boxes and hats featuring hand drawn images cut out of wood veneer.

I Am Darras - Unique and fresh original designs screen printed on apparel. All designs and screen printing done by me in my studio workshop.

Justin Hillgrove's Imps and Monsters - The art of local artist Justin Hillgrove

Linda McClamrock Paper Collage - Beautiful original art made with paper. Linda's creations have been featured in local galleries and art festivals throughout Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

Naomi Amber Dawn Art - Ethereal and other-worldly collage artist born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

pixie ear wings - Fantasy accessories inspired by birds, bugs and mythical creatures.

Sew It Seams Tie Dye - Beautiful Resist dyed dresses, shirts and more, in a huge variety of patterns and colors.

Singing Pots - (federally unrecognized) Indigenous made pottery and self care medicinals.

Tye Dye Everything! - Handmade tie dye from Moscow Idaho, featuring more than 200 different items in all sizes.

White Horse Design - For your delight and inspiration I create a miniature menagerie of magical creatures, Flying Animals of every sort! Using traditional sewing techniques, both machine and hand, and fine fabrics, rhinestones and quilted wings I get them ready to fly off to new homes. They love to hang in baby's rooms, Christmas trees, indoor plants, rearview mirrors or wherever you desire.

uzura - Eco-Friendly Screenprinted Apparel - organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and more

The Uncommon Market

Collected from far and wide, these pieces will inspire wonder and awe for the greater world. You can find these merchants at the Mural Amphitheater, Fisher Terrace, and Theater Commons (between the Cornish Playhouse and the Bagley Wright Theater).

Andean Essence - Unique handmade clothing & jewelry

Ca Brille - I use all genuine stones in my rings, earrings, necklaces, and pendants: Larimar from the Dominican Republic, Amethyst from Uruguay, Amethyst geodes, and Labradorite from Madagascar.

Deja Bags - Handmade and original spiritual items

Evergreen Guardian Imports -Evergreen Guardian Imports sells handicraft apparel, fashion accessories, art, and ritual objects from Nepal and Thailand.

Good Vibrations Apothecary - Good Vibrations Apothecary is a retail store located in Lynnwood WA, selling over 300 bulk Herbs, Teas, Coffee, herbal and homeopathic remedies, tinctures and tonics, Incense, Oils, and small batch/handmade items like Soy Candles, Soaps and Lotions, handcrafted Journals, local Honey, etc, We want to share our passion for natural products and plant-based solutions with you, and our blessings for everyone’s health and happiness; it’s always a Good Day at Good Vibes!

India Imports - Indian Jewelry & Clothing.

KASHI - KASHI has been selling fairly traded garments made in a small town in India for 35+ years for reasonable prices all can afford, along with the best selection of Indian Bedspreads for decorating your life.

Luna Mia - In the Luna Mia Box you will find multiple menstrual care options so you can decide which care product is best for you according to your personal needs and preferences. 

Mahaba Moss - Mahaba Moss sell exquisite gourmet St. Lucian Sea Moss Gels, Smoothies, Teas, and Treats! Sea moss is a powerful micro-nutrient seaweed that has 92 essential minerals and vitamins that the body needs. We make healthy taste great!

Mishu - Men's and Women's alternative apparel and Pocket / Utility Belts.
Designed for the fantasy and futuristic community.

OmZappy - OmZappy is our exclusive brand which focuses on fair trade and eco-friendly products. We work closely with our artisans by making sure they got the right support around them in order for them to be succeed with their business and be able to support their families along the way.

Rise & Shine - A bight mix of contemporary and traditional African inspired clothing and accessories. A robust collection of beautifully curated pieces from the region of West Africa!

Seciwa's SW Native Crafts - Seciwa's handmade Native jewelry & art made by SW Tribe's of Zuni, Navajo, Hopi and other tribal artists.

Wayi Bamboo - Bamboo clothing, cotton bags, fashion jewelry, sandals, scarves and socks.

Zambalha - Gifts and jewelry from Tibet, India, Thailand, and Nepal

B. Fuller's Mortar & Pestle - We like to refer to B. Fuller’s as a Modern Herbal Apothecary with a mission to foster a deeper understanding in people of the wonders of the plant kingdom through the use of Botanicals in Teas and Tisanes. Providing a pleasing esthetic experience as well as one with a deeper meaning is the simple goal.

Conscious Wear -  We sell fair trade Tibetan ritual and cultural artifacts, eco friendly clothing made of organic cotton and natural dyes, tapestries made out of recycled clothes, bags, miscellaneous gift items, scarfs, beanies and felt items made out of Himalayan sheep wool.

El Gringo Imports - Handmade natural fiber textiles, imported from Latin America!

Find Your Center - Crystals ~ Aromatherapy ~ Good Vibes! All crystals are hand selected by me with intention to bring you the highest quality and vibrational crystals out there! Ethically sourced and priced. All aromatherapy products are also handmade by me, combining the energy of crystal healing with the power of aromatherapy, to bring you greater peace and balance in life.

Hempmania - Hempmania designs and manufactures a full line of handbags and accessories made from 100% hemp. All of our hemp handbags are hand made in Guatemala with a small family business.

Indo Island Arts - Folk art, Handicrafts, Textiles and garments from the islands of Lombok, Java and Bali, Indonesia

Lhasa Shop - Welcome to Lhasa Shop! All authentic goods are imported from Nepal and Tibet. We sell a wide array of beautiful silver jewelry that encompass traditional Tibetan stones, authentic Tibetan clothing, mediational instruments, and other small little trinkets that portray our Tibetan culture.

Mehndi Madness, Henna for the Masses - Beautifully hand applied henna & jagua tattoos, natural and temporary. Creating exceptional henna designs in the Puget Sound since 1998. Choose from traditional, native, gulf, modern and tattoo style artwork.

Monika's Design -  I design and make ponchos, clothing garments and accessories. My collection flatters all body types. I use high quality eco-friendly fabrics. Everything is individually cut and sewn by me in my studio. I also sell summer dresses and brass earrings.

Pioneer Popcorn - Pioneer Popcorn is the original Kettle Korn of the Pacific Northwest for the past 25 years! We offer yummy Kettle Korn and Karamel Kettle Korn to our wonderful customers at the Folklife Festival and other events around the greater Seattle area.

Sabrina Shane Co. - Designs by Sabrina Shane

Shiloh Threads - Life is short, live creatively. That’s our motto! By extension, life is too short for an ordinary shirt. We print our unique designs by hand with an antique press on ethically sourced clothing. All of our designs are from our own hand drawn artwork and creative ideas. Shiloh Threads includes items for the whole family such as adult shirts & hoodies (in both women’s and men's styles), kids t shirts, and infant clothing- all of it super soft and cozy. There’s a design for everyone in our collection.

The African Village -  Hand made crafts from Kenya. All our products are made of all natural material.

the sojourn collection - textiles, clothing and embellishments with an asian flair.

Walkabout Woman Clothing - I sell a wide array of unique women's clothing that you just must see! I have gorgeous silk blouses from Italy, super fun printed jumpers from India, fabulous unique scarves from Vietnam that turn heads, adjustable fun wrap skirts with pockets from Nepal and so much more. My $20 SALE RACK will be hot with great bargins like every year too.

Blue Kettle Books: A Bookshop on Wheels - Blue Kettle Books is a little traveling bookshop serving the greater Seattle area. Come inside and discover a thoughtfully curated selection of literary treasures, tabletop games, and other whimsical, wordy delights for adults and children alike!

Craft Master Growlers - Pressurized Beer Growlers for Craft Beer, Cider and carbonated drink. Brewery equipment quality for people who enjoy fresh craft beer at any time. Growlers worthy of the word \Craft\.

European Unique Imports - Traditional folk art items. Selling unique gifts and sterling silver jewelry in Washington for over 26 years.

Friduchis Mexican Clothing - We are a company that promotes Mexican culture through its typical clothing and Mexican handicrafts made by artisan women from Puebla who survived domestic violence. We bring you a memory from the heart.

Henna Reflections Artistry - Temporary and Natural Henna and Jagua Tattoos

Kalp Henna - Henna & Jagua temporary tattoos. Freehand drawn by 40 years experienced artist Kalpana Joshi. All natural temporary henna & Jagua colour lasts for 2 to 4 weeks.

Lhasa Trade - Our products from the Himalayan region (Nepal & India). Most of the items are handmade by Tibetan refugees living in these two countries. Some of the products are made with recycled materials such as clothing, jewelry, tapestries, Tibetan singing bowls, cotton bags, scarves and etc.

Ma & Pops - Ma & Pops provides a taste of the Islands in each bite. Our Ice Pops are all-natural, vegan and locally produced. This Black-Owned business is inspired by the nostalgic sweet treats of our communities.

Mertha Shop -  Fun clothes for interesting people

Northern Outpost - Gemstone beads, carvings, stone, jewelry.

Nefertiti Holistic's - Nefertiti Holistic's is a small, Black owned, family business where you will find some of the most fun unique crystals and semi-precious gemstones, along with lots of cool trinkets like leather notebooks, candle smudgers, statues, sphere stands, back drops, tarot cards, crystal water bottles, jewelry, and so much more.
Whether you like stones for their beauty, their healing properties or their functionality, we have something for everyone. Come find a gift that will last a lifetime.

Reiki Reflect - Third Generation aura and energy reader. Reiki master, life coach, and Tarot Card Reader. I strive to help individuals discover their true talent and destiny in life. Offering support in all matters. Helping you to find peace and balance!

Sakti Jewelry - Our bohemian, handmade jewelry is designed by us and handmade by our silversmiths in Bali. We create one of a kind pieces in sterling silver and polished brass with inlaid semi-precious stones. Travel with us, exploring our collections and our new energy stone series created to bring positive energy into your life!

Sumac El Sol Handcrafted Textile Arts - Sumac El Sol offers a feast of color for the eyes through a wide variety of Central American textile arts for the home and body. Bright, vibrant apparel, accessories, and home décor, all handmade by artisans and hand-picked by us.

The House of Silver and Gold - Indian Jewelry & Clothing.

Xtreme Pet Products - Pet leashes and harnesses

Sidewalk Pop-Ups

A Living Canvas Face Painting - Face and Body Painting for all ages

Lala's Cuts - Lala's cuts is a full service private studio salon located in upper Queen Anne that caters to families and every day people looking to look and feel good!!! I have been cutting and styling hair for 14 years and much of my inspiration comes from fashion and music in and around major cities like Seattle, NYC, and LA. We also run a non profit called Runway to Freedom that creates awareness around domestic violence and gives a voice to the voiceless.

Bubble World - Original Bubble Wands, Bubble Blasters, & Bubble Blowers.

Over the Line Art - Over the Line Art is a team of passionate caricature artists. They always bring high energy to every piece of art they work on.

Art by Khalid Muhumed - Come watch live painting session by Seattle artist Khalid. Specializing in portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, and abstracts, you'll find him painting along the Covered Walkway. 

Daffy Doodles Caricatures - Personalized caricatures (cartoon portraits), drawn on the spot in minutes!

Face & Body Art by Kathleen - Face & Body Decoration for Children and Adults

Magic Rice - Your name on a grain of rice for necklaces, keychains, and earrings - complete with hand made vials and handmade glass pendants.