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Cultural & Creative Workforce Development Internships

Northwest Folklife, in collaboration with the Office of Economic Development and the Office of Arts and Culture, has developed an internship program that provides paid internships for Seattle’s young creatives. The Cultural and Creative Workforce Development Program (CCWD) provides opportunities to develop skills and connections within the Creative Industries and cultural sector. 

About the Cultural and Creative Workforce Development Program (CCWD):

  • Internships range from 12-24 weeks long and are designed to give young people hands-on training in various creative fields

  • Interns work 10-14 hours a week at their internship sites and participate in 1-2 hours of CCWD program activities

  • Internships are generally open to individuals aged 16-26 years, from Seattle and surrounding communities (some positions may have more specific age requirements)

  • Our approach is collaborative and community driven. Partners and sites are prioritized by their grounding in community development as well as their commitment to building a more equitable cultural and creative ecosystem

The program aims to:

  • Offer experience and mentorship in a wide range of cultural and creative jobs

  • Develop creative assets

  • Build peer and professional networks

  • Imagine and shape the Creative Industries, cultural ecosystem, and evolving economy

  • Celebrate creativity and culture as essential to thriving communities

  • Highlight the passion and initiative of young creatives


We are excited to support emerging voices and ideas within our communities and provide meaningful career development experiences.

Please note: Right now most internships will be done remotely. As we move through different phases of re-opening, host sites will communicate with the program manager and interns regarding the planning and safety measures for return to in-person work.

All Applications must be accompanied by a completed Creative Force Intern Intake form.

Internship Opportunities:

Penguin Productions produces several types of projects annually, including youth theater performances, new play festivals, and creative workshops. Twice a year we produce "Finding Trails", a unique theater+trails partnership connecting diverse artists and environmentalists of all ages to inspire joy and activism. Penguin is guided by the teen Penguin Advisory Council, which meets monthly to advance individual and collective goals for artistic development, activism and advocacy, and social connection and cohesion. PAC members propose plays and workshop content, and are a conduit between the Penguin and the community as ambassadors and bridge-builders.

Working with the Associate Producer and Producing Artistic Director, you'll craft compelling stories for web and social media, identify key outreach connections, and expand public awareness both of the event and its mission. Because Penguin Productions is a small organization, you'll play a key role in communications and community-building.

Deadline: June 18, 2020

This intern will support the Creative Workforce Development Program here at Northwest Folklife. They will get experience with digital marketing, scheduling, editing, graphic design, and even production.

This intern is essential for the success of the Cultural & Creative Workforce Development program and Northwest Folklife’s voice, by sharing and featuring external content that highlights the program. This intern will be collaborating with many different community organizations, and build quite the network. The ideal intern will be creative, adaptable, dependable and offer fun ways to market Northwest Folklife opportunities to broader audiences.

As the Cultural & Creative Workforce Development Intern, you will assist the CCWD Manager with digital and written content. Your work schedule will be set by the CCWD manager. Interns must be willing to commute to site when stay at home order is lifted.

Deadline: June 30, 2021

If you are interested in careers focused on cultural or creative work and would like to be notified when internship opportunities are posted, please send an introductory statement (1-2 paragraphs). Please email all content to

  • Describe your interest in this type of work

  • You can list any programs that you have participated in that you feel are relevant.

  • You may include a sample of your original creative content (optional)


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